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yoga for pregnancy


Lakeside Yoga and Fitness will tailor a yoga, therapeutic yoga or fitness program to your specific goals and needs on a schedule that's convenient for you. Classes are held at our studio or online from any geographic location.

Private instruction may be for you if:

Scheduled class times don't work for you . Sometimes a studio's scheduled class times don't coincide well your best schedule. Work schedules, childcare issues and business travel all can conspire to derail your time for mind and body health. Private classes are scheduled based on your location and time needs.

You prefer anonymity. Lakeside Yoga and Fitness is a private studio not accessible to the general public. Classes are by reservation only. All client information is held in strict confidence. Photographers do not have access to and are not allowed on the property. If you prefer, your private classes can be held online from any location you choose.

Your needs aren't met in a group class . Nancy Doherty works one on one with clients with various issues such as neck and back injuries, MS, stress management, infertility, Parkinson's, rheumatoid arthritis, menopausal symptoms, cancer recovery and many other issues.

You don't like taking classes in a gym atmosphere. Many people would rather take a class in a quiet, serene atmosphere not found in gyms. Lakeside Yoga and Fitness' spotlessly clean studio has a radiantly heated floating wood bamboo floor, acoustical wall upholstery, a sunny skylight and other amenities to make your private class an oasis away from the world.

You prefer private instruction or would like to take classes with family members only. Private classes can be scheduled to meet these needs and are based on the goals of the participant or participants.

You would like to deepen your practice or would like to become more familiar with yoga or a fitness technique such as Pilates or using free weights before joining a group class or starting a workout program at home. These type of coaching sessions include feedback on how to properly perform postures and modifications you can use in future classes or your home practice.

Call Lakeside today for more information or to schedule a session. Our sessions range from 45 to 90 minutes. Call 845-641-8775 or email for pricing.

yoga for pregnancy

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