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yoga for pregnancy


Lakeside Yoga and Fitness holds classes and workshops onsite for companies and their employees. These classes and workshops are designed to increase staff productivity, mental and physical health and well being.

Weekly classes in yoga, Pilates or a mixture of the two, Yogilates, are held at your workplace during lunch hours or before or after work for the convenience and health benefits of your employees. Individual workshops are also available on various health and wellness topics.

With our classes, you and your staff can:

  • Increase strength and flexibility for greater stress resistance.

  • Improve posture for tension management.

  • Reduce mental fatigue and improve generation of energy.

  • Improve concentration and productivity.

For more information on our programs or on yoga and fitness for the workplace, click below.

Employees in Pain? Show Them You've Got Their Back

Eliminate "Oh, My Aching Head" From Your Staff's Vocabulary

Just Another Relaxing Day at the Office? You Bet!

Free Your Staff From the Cycle of Repetitive Stress Injuries

Call Lakeside Yoga and Fitness at 845-641-8775 to discuss classes for your office.

yoga for pregnancy

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