yoga for pregnancy

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yoga for pregnancy


Our classes address the physical, mental and emotional facets of an individual, bringing them into harmony and balance.  The mind becomes clear and calm, and the body releases tension.

One of our yoga classes, for example, typically begins with centering and bringing the focus internally.  From here we move into postures and movements (asanas), being guided by our own comfort.  Postures and movements are structured appropriately for the level and style of the class and are designed to develop strength and flexibility, to stimulate and tone the body’s internal glands and organs and to balance the nervous system.  From here, we practice some specific breathing techniques (pranayama). At the end of the class there is a guided deep relaxation and/or meditation, to give the body a chance to assimilate the benefits from the yoga poses.

All classes range in length from 45 to 60 minutes.


Wear loose, comfortable clothes

An empty stomach.  Please try not to eat for an hour or two before coming to class.  For those that are pregnant or do need to eat, however, we suggest a light snack of yogurt or fruit.

A sense of humor

Yoga mat; we do provide mats at the studio; however, it is more hygenenic to use your own mat. A variety of yoga mats are available at the studio for purchase.

Blankets, blocks, straps and pillows are available at the studio for your convenience.  If your class is outside the studio, you are welcome to bring whatever props you need for your comfort.


Give yourself enough time to get to class.  If you do arrive late, unroll your mat outside the studio or classroom and enter as quietly as you can.  Consider being prompt as part of your practice.

Be guided by your comfort.  Accept where you are and know that each day on the mat is different.  Rest if you want or need to.  The instructor may show modifications for poses, but let your comfort guide your movements.

Let go of any competitiveness.  You are not in competition with anyone else in the class.  Yoga is non-competitive.  Each person has a practice that makes the body stronger, more flexible and healthier, and everyone has their own pace.   Your class time is all about you.

Let the instructor know about injuries or conditions that might affect you.  If you are injured or tired, don’t push yourself too hard.  Try a modified pose or just rest for a few moments.

yoga for pregnancy

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