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I am a 63 year old woman who has attended various yoga classes over the years since I was in my early 20's. Over the past several years, I have gone to Lakeside Yoga and have had the great privilege to have had Nancy Doherty as my yoga instructor. She is by far the most outstanding yoga instructor I have come across.

She has the perfect pace, voice and expertise. For every class, she does a different routine and concentrates on strengthening and stretching different parts of our bodies. I always leave fully relaxed and full of energy to take on the day.

Nancy's breathing techniques have gotten me through many challenges in my life from overcoming pain, reducing my high blood pressure and overcoming my fear of heights.

Nancy is not only an excellent instructor but her training as a yoga therapist is an extra bonus. There have been occasions that Nancy has helped me to relieve various aches and pains. She is able to help you stretch and work out kinks in your neck, back, shoulders, etc. I highly recommend anyone interested in taking a yoga class to try one of Nancy's classes. You will not be disappointed! She is truly an awesome person and instructor, and offers a wide variety of classes to meet your individual needs.

K. Bertolino

I want to thank you for all of the time you spent with us. You are very gifted at what you do.

S. Lawrence

Thank you for your [prenatal] class the last few months. They really helped throughout my labor!

K. Chertok

(From Client Who Moved Out of Area) Please let me know how your online yoga has been working, and I would love to continue to work out with you - you are by far the best instructor I've ever met! Thank you so much ... your yoga has helped me tremendously! From [stress related] problems to neck and shoulder pains from tension headaches and previous car accident years ago. I truly believe the yoga has helped me over all!

J. Sullivan

Nancy is a five star rated yoga instructor. She matches perfectly a student's body needs with yoga and Pilates methodologies. Brilliant!

E. Drucker

(Regarding classes at her office) Thank you for introducing me to yoga...its the best thing I ever did. I feel so good!

M. Shannon

(Regarding prenatal yoga) I found Nancy and Lakeside Yoga after deciding that I needed something to help me prepare for giving birth, while at the same time finding my own bit of relaxation and fitness throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend Nancy's prenatal yoga class--it's ideal because it can be modified as you progress and it teaches you to relax, breathe, and move deliberately with control. Every week after class, I felt so loose and relaxed--a boon for both me and my husband, especially during the first and last trimesters! I also feel more confident as my due date approaches that I will successfully birth my baby without any medication. I've spent almost 40 weeks preparing for the hardest and most rewarding work I'll ever do, and Nancy certainly helped each week. The class is also awesome because it's a small group setting, so you get to discuss pregnancy issues and commiserate with the other women. My only regret is that I haven't been able to attend class the last couple weeks of my pregnancy. But at least I know that every time someone told me "Oh, you poor thing, pregnancy can be so uncomfortable!" I just smile and say "Actually, I feel great and relaxed", it's because I had my weekly fix of prenatal yoga at Lakeside.

M. Dizon

(Regarding classes at her office) Love the fact that we can get an awesome workout at lunch without getting all sweaty. Your classes are great! Am getting much stronger!

C. Benjamin

Nancy is a wonderful and highly trained fitness instructor. Regardless of your physical condition, whether you are recovering from injuries, want to lose weight, get back in shape, or all of these, she offers a wide variety of exercise options to meet ANY person's goals and needs. Her special talent is customizing individual exercise programs incorporating Pilates, Yoga, and other exercise types to create Combo Fitness - the best of many worlds. Nancy is a pleasure to work with. She makes physical fitness possible for everyone and fun.

M. Drucker

(Regarding classes at her workplace) Thank you for running such a great yoga class! I really enjoy them.

T. Annesi

I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the interesting talk/demonstration on exercise and yoga that you gave to our managerial staff yesterday. These annual workshops are meant to enlighten those attending, and your informative presentation was clearly aligned with our goal. The important concept of exercise for health and fitness will be sure to benefit all those present as they go about meeting the challenges we all face in our daily lives.

J. Ryan, Ed.D.

I feel less stress and more energy after class. I just feel healthier.

D. Dunnigan

I started attending yoga and fitness/pilates classes at Nancy's studio almost a year ago and have turned a new page in personal health and fitness thanks to her! I've never felt more fit or aware of my own body, and I couldn't have done it without her calm reassurance, unquestionable level of expertise and undeniable committment to the overall well-being of all her clients. I recommend her to all my friends telling them "Nancy will change your life for the better!"

W. Octaviano

The prenatal yoga classes really came in handy during my labor! Thank you so much!!!

L. Garcia

Being able to practice yoga and pilates during my lunch hour at work has made me a happier more productive person. I return from class no longer stressed out from the work day and I feel more energized ! These feelings not only last the day but most of the week. Incorporating exercise into the work day is positive because it decreases stress that builds throughout the work day and work week. Having outlet to address stress at work and be healthy in mind and body, allows me to be better at my job and I feel happier in general.

A. Schoenberger

I have always found your classes to be a great benefit.

A. Tlsty

Wonderful! Attentive and very helpful and educational!

C. Lane

Very good experience!

L. Tartaglia

Very good. I need more relaxation for myself. Nice, very nice; liked so much.

I. Denzio

Just thought I'd let you know that I recently had a bone density test and was informed that there was great improvement from the previous year's test which indicated I had bone loss in my left hip. I totally attribute this improvement to attending your yoga/pilates classes.

D. Guy

I am so grateful for your class. It has greatly enhanced my experience working in Rockland County and introduced me to a fitness class that also is a guide toward that which I have been learning to find in my life - balance.

E. Killian

I really enjoyed Nancy's Netwalking event - it was a unique way to meet people, answer questions that really made me think about the direction of my business, and get exercise in a beautiful park. As well, Nancy stopped us to do different stretches that opened up my body. All in all, a very enjoyable and uplifting experience

D. Rogoff

You are an outrageous yoga therapist! I have told lots of people about my great experiences in your studio.

S. Minniefield

Thanks again -- your classes have been absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

S. O'Connor

I always leave Nancy's studio feeling relaxed and so much more in control of my health. She has a very gentle and reassuring way about her. And I know from experience that she takes her work to heart and puts a lot of time and energy into learning all she can about how to help her clients with their individual "issues". I wish I could clone her and have her visit me privately every morning!

L. Kallman

Nancy is the best personal trainer I have worked with. She assisted me with getting back in shape after a back injury. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to isolate all my problem areas. She taught me modifications that would not irritate my back injury. Overall, I experienced results, enjoyed my workouts and learned valuable skills.

S. Penichet

Nancy is a yoga and Pilates instructor and so much more. She helped me get back into a rigorous workout, with clear objectives - painlessly - after my last neck injury. She has a very nice studio with skylights and wooden floors - and a great selection of music. Very private. And she's very down to earth - no mumbo jumbo. When she travels to client's offices, she is on time and extremely professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Nancy as a trainer in a corporate setting. You will find she is an expert in her field and very personable.

C. Pellegrini

One of the best kept secrets in Rockland is Lakeside Yoga and Fitness. Since joining Nancy?s classes I have seen my core strengthened and my body has slimmed down, and I have been very healthy for the past 2 years since joining this program. I feel fit and healthy and love coming to these classes!

N. McGarry-Smith

I really enjoyed your class - it was the bright spot in my hugely pregnant week. :)

J. Ollendorf

Nancy is awesome in every way! Works great with both groups as well as one on one. She knows her field inside and out!

J. Burstyn

I have known Nancy for several years, and she is always receiving accolades for her work. She is very creative in her business ideas, starting the great Netwalking in Rockland County, the opportunity to network and exercise at the same time. She is devoted to her profession by continuing to attend instructional arenas to build her knowledge and ability to provide quality services to her clients.

L. DiSclafani

I really have enjoyed my classes with you. I'm not much on gyms or crowded studios, so I've so enjoyed working out in your private studio. It's very beautiful, and I especially like the view from the skylight when I'm working on my abs! Looking forward to my next class.

M. Cohen

[regarding prenatal yoga] I will be in touch when the baby arrives!! Thank you for such a wonderful class ~ I really enjoyed it!

T. Ulrich

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a couple years. I took Nancy's Yoga for Fertility class and really enjoyed it. I did all the "homework" she gave me too. I am now 10 weeks pregnant and will soon be taking my first prenatal yoga class at Lakeside. Thank you!

J. Reilly

Nancy's demeanor is what you would want in a personal trainer if you have a body that needs to get in shape. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and its workings so that she can structure the workout that is perfect for your needs. I highly recommend contacting her if you are looking to work with someone who will give you the individual care and attention needed to see improvement and success.

D. Lindeman

I am personally so grateful that we have the Yoga classes in the workplace. I like the convenience of taking the classes during lunchtime. I wouldn't be able to take yoga if the classes were after work. My schedule at home would conflict.

The stretches have helped all parts of my body, especially my lower back. Each week I'm able to extend the stretches a little further. At first I could't roll up from a laying position and now I can. When we do a lot of the stomach exercises, I can feel the difference. I wish I had more time at home to repeat the exercises. So, when we have it twice a week, that really helps. The ten minutes of meditation at the end of the session is a power nap for me. I am able to completely relax, and release stress. It's a wonderful feeling. I would recommend these classes to anyone who wants to self improve their bodies and their mind.

D. Pearson

I found the class very enjoying. I was able to do things I never thought I could.

C. Maraia

I enjoy the calmness and the good feeling during and after class. Your presentation puts me at ease.

P. McGregor

I began taking Pilates classes at Lakeside Yoga and Fitness in an effort to increase strength and improve my flexibility. After a few classes I asked Nancy to change the focus of our sessions to fertility. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months with no luck. The yoga for fertility classes helped me to learn much needed relaxation techniques. Nancy also taught me different yoga positions that could be used to promote blood flow to my reproductive system. After a few months of classes I was happy to report that I would need to switch over to prenatal yoga classes. Nancy has created a warm and inviting atmosphere that allows me to relax and feel centered. I now look forward to going to prenatal yoga each week just as I looked forward to going to the yoga for fertility classes.

K. O'Rourke

Prenatal yoga was a great class because I was able to get some exercise for my body and mind as well as relaxation during my pregnancy. I also learned some useful techniques to help me during labor.

Mommy and Me yoga is a terrific class for many reasons. I am getting much needed post-partum exercise and relaxation as well as time to interact with my baby outside my house. The class is great for my son because it gets him active by giving him exercise, and it teaches him important physical skills.

C. Hook

Nancy is an instructor who creates an atmosphere of confidence and warmth from her initial greeting to each person who enters her class to the moment she wishes each participant peace and wellness at the conclusion of the session.

Her demeanor is kindhearted, and she is knowledgeable about various types of yoga and easily moves her students through each position explaining in understandable terms how to "get there." We are encouraged to do only as much as feels comfortable as Nancy offers modified positions that may be used. Additionally, her guided meditation and relaxation segment is one that all who take her class look forward to.

M. Chin

I became interested in Prenatal Yoga because I've never been a flexible person and I wanted desperately to exercise throughout my pregnancy. Yoga is ideal because it can be modified as you progress and it teaches you to relax, breathe, and move deliberately with control. Every evening after yoga, when Nancy guided me through the meditation and relaxation phase of the program, I felt so loose and relaxed. I also felt more confident as my due date approached in that I knew I had a good alternative for pain relief medication. I learned how to open up my pelvis, strengthen my pelvic floor, and RELAX AND BREATHE. While pregnant you have 40 weeks (give or take a few) to prepare for the hardest (and most rewarding) work you'll ever do.

C. Thomas

Nancy is so 'body perceptive' she sees what my joints and muscles will be capable of doing in the next posture, how limber I am that morning, and then adapts the exercise accordingly. She is so completely conscious of me in the moment, it's almost like she's a sympathetic string for the instrument that is my (previously unfit) body. I always feel 100% better after leaving her studio by the lake. And the effects last for several days. I used to live in my head and treated my body pretty much as transportation. Now I feel good -- no, great -- in my skin!

L. Macomber

I want you to know how great we have been feeling, and Friday's class was awesome!!

J. Torrisi

I will be out of town and will miss today and next Tuesday's sessions. I am letting you know because I did not want you to think I was dropping out...I am loving it. You are great at imparting a real sense of relaxation...not just the postures, but I feel you are right there with us. I have not always had that experience with other instructors. So, I can't wait until I resume when I return. Many, many thanks,

L. Mamunes

yoga for pregnancy

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